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Garnier Nutrisse 
My role
Art Direction
UI/UX Design & Research
Graphic Design
Digital animation

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While working at Haygarth, one of my main clients was L’Oreal, particularly their sub-brand Garnier.
The project I am showing you here is one of the many projects I worked on for them. For this project, I was tasked to produce a microsite for Nutrisse - a home hair colour product.
Role specifications
Pitching and responding successfully to a brief by L’Oreal Garnier. It consisted in creating a Shade Selector microsite to be implemented in the Garnier website. The goal was to help visitors find a colour shade, by following a series of interactive steps and questions. Alongside this, we also created a campaign to find embassadors for each of the Nutrisse shades. They were featured in the microsite and across social media platforms.

My role also involved leading a team of developers and designers working on this project and campaign. Please scroll down for images ︎︎︎

The microsite had four sections: ‘Home’, ‘About Nutrisse’, ‘Choose a Colour’ and ‘Colour Advice’.
Find some of these pages below ︎︎︎

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