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My role
Art direction
Stop motion animation
Film editing

After Effects

Magnetips are pens containing two magnets. This feature allows them to attract one another like a magnetic building block. This facilitates a variety of playful activities, which are advertised and celebrated on social media.

The brief
To explore alternative uses for the Magnetips pens, and to create a series of promotional short videos for advertisement on social media platforms, such as Instagram.
The focus was to generate interest and persuade viewers to learn more about the product, regardless if they wished to purchase. The task also involved conveying a DIY feel to the product, which helped working with a low budget.

I collaborated with Ben Pepiat to create 5 uplifting short videos exploring the double functionality of the pens - from drawing and fidgeting to games and even ways they could help you tidy your desk! Watch them below ︎︎︎

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