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Museum of Lost and Found Potential

Picture showing one the installations produced for The Museum of Lost and Found Potential

Featured in:
The Guardian, U.K. 2019
It’s Nice That, U.K. 2019
Time Out, U.K. 2019
Production year: 2019

The Museum of Lost and Found Potential is a major travelling exhibition about mental health, first opened to the public in London, 2019.

The exhibition shares 16 interactive portraits of people from across the world. These poignant, personal stories demanded that more be done to support mental health across all aspects of our lives.

Through video, sound, and real and imagined artefacts, visitors were transported to lost and found episodes in the lives of the people whose stories were told in the museum. These ranged from a survivor of multiple suicide attempts now writing books and making films to support others, to a Ghanaian women who lost her job due to bipolar and psychosis, now receiving treatment and back working. The many everyday artefacts featured in the museum vary from the riding boot of an Australian teenager who died by suicide, to an installation depicting the story of a then 9-year-old Nepalese woman, just returned from human trafficking, finding stability through cooking.

This project is part of the Speak your Mind campaign, comissioned by United for Global Mental Health, curated by Andy Franzkowiak and Nestor Pestana as Lead Artist.

Picture showing some of the real and imagined artefacts in The Museum of Lost and Found Potential

General pictures of the Museum and an Interview with the curator

A Pedicure for Cecilia

Short film produced for the installation A Pedicure for Cecilia

Installation produced for The Museum of Lost and Found Potential
Production year: 2019
Film running time: 00:04:10:00
Mediums: short film produced using a combination of CGI and real footage • pedicure armchair with built-in speakers • footstool with TV • acrylic shelves with nailpolish glass bottles (water based ink) • 2 Carpets • 4 artefacts made of various materials, such as metal, plastic and wood.

During her pregnancy Cecilia decided to not take her medication for her bipolar disorder, because she was afraid it would affect her pregnancy and baby. As a result, she suffered several breakdowns in which she would go out of her home in Ghana and wander for very long distances, looking for her mother that passed away, hoping she would cease her pain. During this time, Cecilia lost friends through the stigma attached to her mental health.

Had she received the support she needed from the governament and friends she would have taken care of herself, visiting the local parlour for a pedicure, and more importantly being part of the local community, rather than finding herself on the outside.

This instalation invites the audience to experience Cecilia’s story through her imagined pedicure.

Pictures of the installation in London, 2019.

Artefacts exhibited alongside the installation.

Interview about the making of the installation A Pedicure for Cecilia.

Curator: Andy Franzkowiak
Lead artist: Nestor Pestana
Artists: Unit Lab and Rūta Irbīte
Sound design: Christian Duka
Creative concept: Havas and Speak Your Mind campaigners around the world
Production: Nissen Richards Studio

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