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Featured in:
Scrolling the Arcane, Portugal 2020
Production year: 2020
Film running time: 00:10:24:10
Mediums: fulldome immersive projection • animation produced in Cinema4D
Every lie creates a parallel world. The world in which it’s true.” - Momus

Falsehoods, exaggerations, unsubstantiated gossip, conspiracy theories, even your little white lies… They all become material in a parallel universe called Repositorium. Alarmingly, Repositorium’s mass is increasing at an exponential rate, causing a relative weakening in the gravitational pull of our own planet. This might be the reason you feel a little out of balance these days. Entire constellations have already formed in Repositorium, and this film invites you to see them.

This project is a fulldome immersive 3D animation commissioned by curator Joana Pestana, for the exhibition Scrolling the Arcane, first projected at Porto Planetarium.

Pictures of the fulldome projection at Porto Planetarium.

Visitors inside the dome.

Outside the dome, Porto Planetarium.

Exhibition curator: Joana Pestana
Film credits:
Co-writer - Guy atkins
Sound - Christian Duka
3D modelling assistance - Tomohiro Inoue
Vocal artist - Amina Abbas-Nazari
Scientific guidance - Thais Russomano, founder of InnovaSpace
Special thanks - Kat Thiel

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