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The Infumis: A Post-Apocalyptic Breakfast

Trailer. Please email to watch full film: studio[at]

Featured in:
Orleans House Gallery, U.K. 2021
Galeria dos Prazeres, Portugal 2020
Trebuchet Magazine, print edition U.K. 2018
Design Museum, U.K. 2017
3rd Istanbul Design Biennial: ARE WE HUMAN?, Turkey 2016
Gwacheon National Science Museum, South Korea 2015
Wellcome Collection, U.K. 2015
Royal College of Art, U.K. 2015
Production year: 2015
Film running time: 00:06:28:00
Mediums: short film produced using a combination of CGI and real footage • film shot with a 4K BlackMagic • knitted wool costume • various film props made of graphic prints, cardboard and MDF • large scale digital illustrations • wooden stools with embeded screens.
This project consists mainly of a large scale illustration and a film, depicting a fictional community called The Infumis.

The narrative is set in a fictional post-apocalyptic future, when traffic intersections become farms, and air and water pollutants are harvested for body nourishment.

The Infumis are hosts to a type of bacteria called Marinobacter Hydrocarbonoclasticus, which live on their body hairs. These bacteria are able to transform carbon pollutants, i.e. from cars, into nutrients. The Infumis bioengineer their body hairs to absorb these nutrients into their bodies, nourishing them.

The project draws from horror genres to present a cautionary narrative, and a critique to our increasingly polluted environments, while suggesting new forms of symbiosis between humans and microorganisms.

Two views of the installation at the Royal College of Art, 2015.

Details of the costume produced for The Infumis, installed at Galeria dos Prazeres, 2020. The community portrayed in the film wear knitted clothings made of wool. The holes and permeable fabric allow them to expose their body hair bacteria to pollutants in the air, from which they feed.

Illustration of a single body hair which has been bioengineered to function as a digestive system. Bacteria on the hair feed on pollutants in the atmosphere and convert them into nutrients. These are then absorbed by the body through the hair.
Film credits:
Camera operator - Raf Rakoczy
Sound - Emanuele Correani
Actor - Jackson Wright
Make-up artist - Joanna Christou
Lights assistance - Jules Malcomson
Copywriter - James McCarthy
Special effects and animation assistance -  Oliver Wrobel
Knitwear consultancy & production - Emmeline Kellet
Research guidance:
Dr. Ivo Lebrun, Butantan Institute, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, São Paulo
Doctoral Researcher Arturo Casini, Imperial College, Department of Biotechnology, London
Doctoral Researcher Bora Ristic, Imperial College, Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, London
Special thanks to:
Professor Anthony Dune and Fiona Raby
Hiroki Yokoyama

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